Monday, April 14, 2014

Panther of the Week:


"Freshta, meaning angel, is truly an angel. She has a warm heart and she is like an older sister to me. Seeing Freshta makes me happy and appreciate her warm presence on campus. She is very caring and considerate. If you meet Freshta for the first time, you feel an immense sense of respect that she gives you and time spent with her is one of the precious memories I will always cherish after Middlebury. She is also a great cook and fashion designer, but so down to earth. Thank you Freshta jan for being who you are!"  “Freshta has been a delight to work with. Always focused, diligent and striving for more. Working during her studies must be stressing but she never shows her anxiety, rather always greets people with her lovable smile. My conversations with her are quick but fun and delightful. She is able to understand people, and always encouraging. Definitely deserving of panther of the week especially on a special week like this week!”
“Freshta is the most hard-working, most humble person I know here. Despite the incredible challenges she has been through to get to Middlebury (and to come back after going home to Kabul, Afghanistan), she approaches each day with positivity, curiosity, eagerness to learn, and genuine care for others. She's always asking me how my family and I are doing, and she cooks the best Afghani food for friends!” “Freshta exudes friendship and goodwill in whatever she does. Her smile and laughter are some of the most genuine expressions you can find on campus, and she never fails to acknowledge and greet her friends and acquaintances as well as to make  their day!”

Congratulations, Freshta!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Panther of the Week:

“Alex is one of those people who is constantly doing things for other people. She never complains and always makes sure that she is doing her part.”

“This year Alex served as the captain of the swim team where she was an inspiring leader to all of her teammates. “

“Alex is the managing editor and she puts her heart and soul into The Campus newspaper. I don’t think anyone gives her enough thanks or appreciation for all the work she does to keep our community informed.”

“Alexandra is a great friend, a hard worker, and an inspiring leader.”


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Panther of the Week:

“It doesn’t matter how small or mundane an interaction with Julia is, you always feel she’s an interesting, profound, and conscientious person.”

“Julia is willing to be friends with anyone and does not limit her social experience at Midd to a friend close friends.”

“You know she has a great heart, Julia’s compassion and solidarity towards others is admirable.”

 “She is one of the most just, objective, and clear-minded persons I know.

“Julia is extremely approachable and will go out of the way to make someone else feel comfortable.”

“She is the type of person that will listen when you have an issue and is always willing to help out or lend a hand.”

“Julia is caring, mature and someone who I am very lucky to call a friend.”


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Zach is an amazing person. He is always willing to drop whatever he is doing in order to help someone out. Even when he was abroad, he made sure to find time every week to reach out to his friends elsewhere around the world.

Zach is my best friend. He laughs at all my bad jokes and has hear-to-hearts with me every week. There is no one on campus, in my opinion, that has a better impact on my life and the life of his friends than Zach.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Panther of the Week:
“He is someone who lights up the room every time he walks in. He has been an incredible leader of the men’s squash team and has made me feel truly integrated as an incoming freshman. When I was very overwhelmed by my first finals week ever, Parker dropped off a really nice car package with some yummy snacks and my favorite tea. Parker is the type of leader that I aspire to be when I am an upperclassman.”

Always First
Runs Campus

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Panther of the week: 

“Hamza is my Arabic tutor here. Ever since he’s been helping me I have improved my results on quizzes, and… while he is always very dedicated, energetic, and supportive there is a particular situation which struck me as incredible.

A few weeks ago I met with Hamza and we somehow got to talking about our campus jobs. Apparently Hamza did not realize he was getting paid for his tutoring- he thought he was volunteering all along!

This was so touching and so unexplainably nice since he has been meeting with me and with other Arabic students for hours almost every day just for the sake of helping! Thank you, Hamza!”